The Holy Grail of Larimar Cuff Bracelets

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Island Blends

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If you’ve shopped with us in person, you’ve seen my cuff….until now I have NEVER had one bigger and EVEN better than my beauty. But this one is all of that. It is a literal show stopper and worth well over $400+. However, because a few people tried it on and it is just “slightly” imperfectly shaped, we’re letting it go for $325 which is a STEAL! This is a lifetime piece that will take your breath away each time you put it on. The giant piece of flawless Larimar (roughly 3 x 2 in) is set in a sterling silver adjustable cuff that should be gently adjusted from the bottom to put off and on each time. Talk about staying connected to the sea, this piece will make you feel like you’re swimming in it!! 🩵🩵🩵

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